"Access all your apps in one click"

Easy to use password manager for you and your team. Your login experience, refined.

Login with peace of mind. Your data is encrypted and kept confidential. No one will be able to access your data. Not even Expresso. To learn more about our security process, click here.

  • Auto login

    Expresso automatically logs you into your favorite apps and websites without typing usernames and passwords

  • Auto change passwords

    Change passwords to your favorite apps with a single click. Go from weak to strong passwords in a blink

  • Share access, not passwords

    You can easily share access to your apps with your friends without giving your passwords

EXPRESSO is designed so that it's incredibly easy to use and at the same time follows rigorous security processes. It uses AES-256 algorithm to encrypt your data. That's tech speak for strong protection of your data. Only you have access to your passwords. There is no chance for anyone to decrpt your data. Not even Expresso. Learn more.

About Expresso

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Expresso is a simple, elegant and easy to use password manager. It offers a safe and secure way to access your passwords on variety of devices.

Expresso simplifies your life greatly by doing the bulk of the hard work related to remembering and storing your passwords. But, Expresso is much more than a password manager.

  • No more sticky notes

    You don't have to use sticky notes for for private information you don't want other to see. Expresso let's you store your private information in secure way.

  • Secure Digital Wallet

    Store your entire life in Expresso. Add your bank accounts, passports, wills and any other information you want to store securely.

  • Streamlined checkout while shopping online

    No need to grab your credit card or address book again - secure checkout with information stored in your digital wallet in a single tap.

How it Works


Sign Up with Expresso

Sign up for an account with Expresso and download Expresso Secure Login Extension for your favorite browser.


Add all your favorite apps

Login to your apps from your favorite browser. Expresso will automatically remember your passwords and sync them with your other devices.


Access your apps anywhere

We've built apps for your favorite iOS and Android devices. All your apps and passwords get synchronized with all your devices, so whatever you do on one device, is reflected everywhere.


Improve your security and get notified

Generate super strong passwords for all yours apps and update periodically. Expresso will notify you of vulnerabilities on your mobile, desktop or via email.

Bring your apps to life

Access your apps on the go

Expresso lets you bring your apps with you where ever you go. Login to your apps from home, the train, your kid's soccer game, your neighbour's cousin's bar mitzvah, you get the idea.

Run it on everything

You want fast native apps? Cool, we built them for iOS and Android from scratch. Our extensions works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Change passwords with one click

Our all-new password changer let's you change your passwords to your favorite apps easily with one click.

Easily share access with your friends and family

Share access, not passwords with your friends or family members. Expresso will log them in, without revealing your password.

Multi-factor Authentication

We support Multi-factor authentication through Google Authenticator and Mobile Apps. More options coming soon.

Store your data on your preferred cloud service

Easily backup and store your data on Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud or any other cloud service.

Trusted by Thousands

Brought my entire family to start using Expresso. My 65 year old grandmom "loves it".

Laura Hartney

Just got Expresso set up for our team at Tech Mileage. Great team password management tool. Loving it!

Rajesh Sisodia, CEO, Techmileage.com

Expresso is totally free for as long as your want. Want to give us a try?